Jim sent us this picture of his mate Ennis Jones from Woking. According to Ennis's so called mate, Ennis had actually borrowed the Romper from his Mum. The Romper went down "really well" with the chic French holiday makers, and even got him noticed by a young Parisian bird, who we'll call Nicole. They hit it off in a big way and following a bit of "après ski" they ended up at her flat. Having ditched their respective Rompers to explore each other "zones of passion", Nicole's parents arrived unexpectedly and chased a now Romper free Ennis out of the flat screaming "elle n’a que quinze ans!" (which apparently means "she's only 15!"). Needless to say the Romper has never been recovered and Ennis now checks IDs before chatting up young "ladies". At least it got him out of the Romper I suppose. 


    Nicholas Parker sent us this deeply disturbing picture of his friend Adam. All the folks at Romper Web are becoming increasingly worried about this latest "fad": We're talking about people wearing Romper Suits in public just because they think its "cool" or "funny". IT ISN'T. YOU'RE WEARING A FUCKING BIG FLUORESCENT ALL IN ONE BABY GARMENT FOR FUCKS SAKE. For the love of God people, STOP. Just because its on the internet doesn't make it cool. STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP.



    This suit also comes in green, as shown in this picture sent to us by by Dev Chopra:



    William Cook sent us this example of Romper Badness. The Romper in question is Will's mate Bill attempting to ski in Meribel. As all you veteran Romper Hunters will realise, Bills goggles and scarf are standard fluorescence issue, but the Rossignol Bandits are very "New School" in Romper circles. 



Having said that Bill, you still look like a twat. Stop it.


Gavin Baylis sent us this picture highlighting the cruelty to animals that goes on every day in the Alps. Look at the state of the poor pooch, I bet all the other dogs love to take the piss out of this poor mutt. 


Whatever next?




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